Embroidery, Hats, Outerwear, Polo Shirts

402_cantap.jpgMike just started a new business and wants to help promote it in the field. What better way to do that than with embroidered apparel.

We used stock fonts to help keep costs down and then embroidered his company name on Champion windshirts, Hanes Steadman polos and Anvil ball caps.

Now when he’s standing on the sidelines shooting a sporting event everyone will know where to get the pictures!

Parker Soccer

Embroidery, Outerwear

305_parker.jpgThe team wanted a special present for the coach and what’s better than a customized gift of personalized apparel to show your appreciation.

We chose a Harrington staff jacket and embroidered it using stock art work from our catalog of over 5,000 designs and fonts to help keep the costs down for the kids on the team.

So what can we personalize for you?


Outerwear, Vinyl Transfers

220_nostika.jpgFernando came in the shop and needed printing on the back of his vest. It was just text and a logo on one garment so silk screening didn’t make sense. Our solution? Custom vinyl transfers.

They were able to provide their logo and wanted stock text so we cut it to size and heat pressed it on the vest the same afternoon.

The result was a good looking and cost effective solution in a timely manner. Shame everything isn’t that easy… 🙂

Byron….10th order?

Direct-To-Garment, Fleece, Outerwear, T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

byr2.jpgByron is an aspiring designer who we’ve been making samples for during the past few months. We’ve done so many different ones for him that we’ve lost count.

While handmade samples are a necessity when starting a clothing line, they tend to be expensive. But with DTG and custom vinyl transfers we make in house we’ve been able to help him keep costs at a reasonable level.

We wish you luck Byron and thanks for letting us be there at the start of something big!

REC Consultants

Embroidery, Hats, Outerwear

IMG_2983.jpgBruce came in with a jacket and a business card looking to get his logo embroidered. With digitization and embroidery technology being what it is these days we were able to digitize his logo for a one time fee and embroider it on not just one, but fifteen jackets in time for him to give them as holiday gifts to his employees.

And now that his logo is digitized we can embroider it on virtually anything in the future, including the baseball caps he just ordered.

For employee gifts or even uniforms with that professional look, give us a call or stop by.

Three-peat for Bueghe

Direct-To-Garment, Outerwear, T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

IMG_2679.jpgThis third order for Byron included some really diverse items. Jackets, shorts and tanks all from American Apparel. We worked with Byron to design another logo with a new font that he’d seen while browsing our font book.*

The results…even more impressive in our humble opinions. To heck with being humble! They look great and show how easy it is for us to do one off samples and small runs. And when he hits it big time, we’ll be there to handle the large volume jobs as well.

*Creative design may be subject to additional charges