Silk Screening, T-Shirts

IMG_3569.jpgMarilyn stopped in from a local school with a t-shirt that had been printed years ago. It was a cool design and she asked if we could do something like it. Seems the kids are into retro these days.

After searching for a similar logo we decided to scan and convert the logo right off the t-shirt. We updated the text and added some more details that they wanted and POOF! Retro shirt! It was then silk screened onto Gildan Heavy Weight tees for high quality at a reasonable price.

Dalton Electric

Fleece, Polo Shirts, Silk Screening, T-Shirts

303_dalton.jpgKevin contacted us with a request for their logo to be printed on a variety of t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets.

Based on the color and quantities we went with full silk screening. To help keep the costs in check we scaled the designs so with worked on all the garments then only one set of screens needed to be made.

The finished products looked great and now he and all his employees can be walking advertisements for their business.

IKEA San Diego

Silk Screening, T-Shirts

IMG_2753.jpgOur local IKEA store was having a special event over the weekend. It was a mattess promotion and what better way to get the word out than on the backs (and fronts) of their employees in the store.

We had 150 shirts screened with their own design in size 2XL. Their idea was to make them look like sleep shirts and as you can see from the picture they came out great.

Want to turn your employees, family or friends into walking adverts for your business? We can do it! Ask us how.