Brian again…

Embroidery, Other

IMG_3575_2.jpgAfter we embroidered his polo shirts, Brian had another idea. Embroidering the logo on his equipment bags.

That’s the cool thing about getting your logo digitized for embroidery, once it’s done we keep it on file and can embroider it over and over again on a variety of items including shirts, hats, bags, towels…virtually anything.



IMG_3577_2_1.jpgErin wanted to help impress a client and let them know that her company is dedicated to them and their business and with some simple embroidery we were able to make it happen.

She brought us a variety shirts and we did a simple embroidery using stock text which meant there were no setup fees. We had the shirts ready by the next day and in time for their meeting with the client.

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Lisa & Karla

Direct-To-Garment, Embroidery, Other, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts

408-fido1_1.jpg408_fido2.jpgLisa & Karla of Fido & Company are opening up a canine country club here in San Diego. A high end doggie care and spa center so they wanted a professional look for their staff.

We started by having their logo digitized for embroidery with custom thread colors that they chose. Then we embroidered it on a variety of polos, button-down shirts and tees that will be used as uniforms.

We also took the logo and set it up for printing on the direct to garment printer and made all different kinds of t-shirts and baseball shirts for fun and promotional purposes.

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Embroidery, Hats, Outerwear, Polo Shirts

402_cantap.jpgMike just started a new business and wants to help promote it in the field. What better way to do that than with embroidered apparel.

We used stock fonts to help keep costs down and then embroidered his company name on Champion windshirts, Hanes Steadman polos and Anvil ball caps.

Now when he’s standing on the sidelines shooting a sporting event everyone will know where to get the pictures!


Embroidery, Polo Shirts

324_logger.jpgBrian came in with a load of different golf shirts he wanted his company logo on.

Embroidery gives a look of professionalism and value that is much greater than the actual cost. We digitized his logo and embroidered it in the colors he chose and they came out great.

He was impressed and was even approached at a conference by a friend who saw the shirt and said, “Hey, you’re a legitimate business now!”

Prescription Dive Masks

Embroidery, Fleece, Hats, Polo Shirts

314_presc.jpgPrescription Dive Masks was going to a trade show and needed some logowear to further their company identity.

We had their logo digitized and then embroidered it on a variety of garments they chose including Columbia fleece jackets, Hanes Steadman polos and Anvil lowrise ball caps. And while there was a one time setup fee for the digitization we keep it on file and can embroider it over and over again on more shirts, outerwear, caps, bags, towels…you name it!

Parker Soccer

Embroidery, Outerwear

305_parker.jpgThe team wanted a special present for the coach and what’s better than a customized gift of personalized apparel to show your appreciation.

We chose a Harrington staff jacket and embroidered it using stock art work from our catalog of over 5,000 designs and fonts to help keep the costs down for the kids on the team.

So what can we personalize for you?

Cirque du Soleil

Embroidery, Fleece

215_cirq.jpgCirque du Soleil, the world renowned performance art entertainment company, brought their show Corteo to San Diego. Paul-Andre came to us with jackets for he rigging crew that he wanted personalized with their logo and names.

We digitized their design from a CAD drawing including a multi-layered thread effect for all the colors in their logo. Then we stitched them on the front and back of jackets that Paul-Andre provided including custom names on the front of each.

Overall impressive results in customized outwear for every one in the crew.


Embroidery, Hats, Polo Shirts

nano.jpgSandra’s friend started a new business and as a gift she decided to have personalized polos made. She brought us one of her business cards and we took it from there.

Sandra went with Harrington polo shirts not only because of the quality, but also because they were available in women’s sizing giving off a more custom and refined look. She avoided set up charges by selecting a pre-digitized font from our catalog that matched the one used on her friend’s business card. We embroidered them out and since it was already set up we even threw in a hat. Hey, we’re a small business too and can appreciate the benefits of a little self promotion.

So how can we help you promote your business?

REC Consultants 2

Embroidery, Hats

rechts.jpgBruce from REC contacted us again. Back in December we’d embroidered on jackets for his employees after digitizing his logo. Afterwards they decided that they wanted the logo on baseball caps as well.

There were no additional setup fees as we already had the artwork on file and ready to embroider. All we had to do was order the hats and stitch them out and they were ready in less than a week. We save all our customers artwork so re-orders are even faster and easier than the originals and can be done over the phone.