Chocolate Rabbits…

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

323_eastfca.jpgJust having some fun at Easter with our rabbit shirts!

Tea Zen

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

312_tez.jpgHollice came in with an interesting job. She needed about a dozen shirts but each one needed to be a different color. No problem! But each one had to have a different design on them so silk screening (with setup fees for each individual design) just didn’t make sense. But we had a solution, custom vinyl transfers to the rescue!

With our vinyl cutter virtually any line art design can be made into a custom transfer. And because each one is cut individually there are no minimums per design.

Applied as you see here to American Apparel tees in a variety of sizes and colors, Hollace was throughly impressed and the staff looked great.

Ever thought about getting shirts printed but were put off by high setup fees and minimum orders? Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.

Odds just want to have fun….

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

229_insec.jpgHey, we work hard so we can have a little fun too.

Got a funny idea you’d like to have on a shirt then give us a call.


Outerwear, Vinyl Transfers

220_nostika.jpgFernando came in the shop and needed printing on the back of his vest. It was just text and a logo on one garment so silk screening didn’t make sense. Our solution? Custom vinyl transfers.

They were able to provide their logo and wanted stock text so we cut it to size and heat pressed it on the vest the same afternoon.

The result was a good looking and cost effective solution in a timely manner. Shame everything isn’t that easy… 🙂


T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

kurtz.jpgMike had an idea for a funny t-shirt so we made it for him. It was so funny in fact that he started getting requests for them so we made him a batch for his friends. Where does it end? Maybe in a successful business.

Being a small business ourselves we love helping others get their start. And with custom cut vinyl transfers or DTG printing it’s easy to start small and then let it grow.


Fleece, Vinyl Transfers

lisa.jpgLisa bought a sweatshirt for her boyfriend at Christmas and wanted to put his name on the front. She decided take the job into her own hands — she bought a sweat jacket and some iron-on transfer letters from a crafts store and the results were not good! After the wrong directions lead her to burning the jacket she bought other letters and tried to stitch them on herself to cover it up with no luck.

She then came to us and we were able to set her up with the custom vinyl transfers on the jacket you see above for about half of what she’d spent on the first jacket and supplies. It came out great and she was able to give her boyfriend a Christmas gift she could be proud of…albeit a little late.

Fine E-Music

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

IMG_3235_2.jpgThomaz and his friend have a DJ business and he wanted a way to help get their name known. What better way than wearing branded t-shirt during their DJ gigs?

He came into the shop, chose an in-stock t-shirt and we laid out the text for him. We created lightweight, custom vinyl transfers for the front and back and he was able to pick up both shirts later that afternoon.

By using single color designs in vinyl Thomaz was able to avoid the usual quantity minimums and setup fees associated with silk screened shirts…yet the results are just as durable and impressive.

Byron….10th order?

Direct-To-Garment, Fleece, Outerwear, T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

byr2.jpgByron is an aspiring designer who we’ve been making samples for during the past few months. We’ve done so many different ones for him that we’ve lost count.

While handmade samples are a necessity when starting a clothing line, they tend to be expensive. But with DTG and custom vinyl transfers we make in house we’ve been able to help him keep costs at a reasonable level.

We wish you luck Byron and thanks for letting us be there at the start of something big!

Bulldog Drummond

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

Bddrum_2.jpgAs idea guys, the people at Bulldog Drummond understand the importance of corporate identity. Byran stopped in one afternoon to inquire about shirts for a team building/holiday event. He wanted their company logo on American Apparel shirts for a more modern fit. The catch was he had less than a week before the event.

We said no problem! We had a sample to him the next day and with his approval we ordered the shirts, pressed on custom vinyl transfers of their logo and delivered in time. As you can see from the picture they looked great.

What can we do to help boost your corporate identity or advertise your business? Stop in and find out.

Byron again and again and again…

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

byrn.jpgThey say repeat and threepeat…what do you call a customer who’s placed 8 different orders with us? An eightpeat??

Byron came in again with some more new ideas. We took one of his custom logos, stripped it down to a more simple graphic* and created a vinyl transfer. Though it looks gray on gray in the photo, it’s actually black on black giving it a tone on tone textured look. It came out great and we look forward to a…ninepeat??

*For custom graphic design and editing additional charges my apply.