emb_mach.jpgHmmm…embroidery. How do we explain this? Well…it’s embroidery. The classic method of embellishment that everyone knows and loves. Who doesn’t like having a personalized item with their name, initials or logo on it? (Well we’re sure there is someone but we don’t know them.)

What can we embroider on? Think t-shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves, sportswear, tote bags, towels, blankets, linens, aprons, uniforms (for both teams and businesses), dog beds (and for that matter cat beds), tube tops, superhero costumes…OK we’re reaching with those last few but you get the idea.

And what can we embroider? Anything from text (names, monograms, slogans, web addresses) to graphics both simple and complex. In fact we have a catalog of over 5000 stock designs covering 25 different categories like sports, animals and holidays. Ever seen a hockey playing chipmunk dressed up as Santa? We haven’t either but we’re kind of glad we haven’t.

emb_ex.jpgDon’t like the stock images? Bring us your design or logo and we’ll digitize and embroider it for you.* We can even customize the stock images with different texts and colors to further personalize them.

Click here to have a look at completed embroidery projects or stop by and see one for yourself.

Questions? Ideas? Contact us.



*There’s no charge for basic prep and layout of the design but if you need special logos or graphics digitized then there will be a setup one-time charge depending on size and complexity. Contact us for an estimate.