DTGDirect to garment (or DTG) is the latest technology in apparel imprinting. Think of it this way, imagine a giant ink jet printer only instead of traditional ink it uses silk screening inks and instead of paper it prints directly on t-shirts…or polo shirts…or sweat shirts…or tote bags…or aprons…or virtually any item with a broad, cloth surface. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

You provide the artwork (your logo, text or other info) and we scale it and format it for printing on the garment.* We then set up the garment for direct printing, seal the ink with a heat press and you’re on your way.

The technology is such that it has benefits that traditional silk screening can’t provide:

There are no screens so there is no layering to get a certain color or look.

The DTG can automatically mix and print up to 16 million colors in a photo-quality resolution of up to 600dpi. This high resolution also gives benefits when using logos or line art allowing for crisp edges and the most detailed designs.

Set up time is reduced because there are no screens to be made.

Benefit to you: No setup fees* and the ability to get 1 or 1000 shirts with your design.

Depending on requirements (and other factors like shipping time and work load) we can often have your shirts ready within 2 to 3 business days.

Also unlike traditional silk screening, Direct to Garment means the perfect amount of silk screening inks are sprayed directly on the item. No globs of ink that might peel or crack.

With DTG vibrant colors are more imbedded into the fabric leaving it soft to the touch and fade resistant. You have to feel it to believe it.

Skeptical? We were too until we saw it work. Click here to have a look at completed DTG projects or stop by and see one for yourself.

Questions? Ideas? Contact us.


*There’s no charge for basic prep and layout of artwork but if you need new graphics designed from scratch then a fee may apply…just ask.