ex_lions.jpgThe best thing about offering custom designs to our customers is that we can offer several different options for imprinting on apparel and other items. One of those options is vinyl transfers.

While vinyl transfers are most commonly used for things like logos and numbering on team jerseys, they can be used for virtually design or fabric. We have them in wide range of solid and metallic colors and they can even be layered for a multi-color effect.

IMG_2656.jpgTo create the transfer we use a digital vinyl cutter, it’s a lot like a wide format plotter but instead of pens it uses a tiny knife blade to cut highly accurate designs in the vinyl transfer material. After it’s cut we peel out the excess vinyl, a process known as weeding, and then use a heat press to affix the vinyl to the item. A simple process with high quality results.

And by high quality we not only mean sharp text and graphics, but also durability. We exclusively use Spectra Cut II transfer vinyl. It’s available in 22 vibrant and fade-free colors that resist cracking and peeling for the life of the garment. Unlike some vinyl transfer materials, Spectra Cut II is lightweight and pliable for maximum comfort. It’s even washable and dry cleanable. Nice!

So what can we transfer on a t-shirt, sweatshirt, bag…etc. for you? Click here to have a look at some of our completed vinyl transfer projects or stop by and see one for yourself.

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