Guttersnipe 3

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

mongo.jpgBack for more, they needed a one off shirt of their new designs. We were glad to oblige because with direct to garment and print ready artwork there was no setup charge.

The finished product came out great and true to the original design. We used a size and color that was in stock so we were able to have it ready the same day.


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

IMG_3247_2.jpgRobert’s girlfriend is involved in the roller derby and he wanted something to help her stand out so he came up with some designs.

We used the direct to garment printer to make a variety of shirts with color coordinated designs. Because there are no screens to make, there were no setup fees and Robert was able to pick up shirts the next day.

How do you show your team spirit? Give us a call or stop in and let’s talk shirts, sweats, jackets and more…


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

IMG_3244_2.jpgJose had a message he wanted to convey to the people at his Sunday school. We laid it out and printed with the direct to garment printer in the same day. He liked it so much he’s now taking orders from the other members of the church and will qualify for a volume discount.

So what message do you want to convey? Whether it’s one shirt or one-thousand we can get the job done and often for less than you think.

Fine E-Music

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

IMG_3235_2.jpgThomaz and his friend have a DJ business and he wanted a way to help get their name known. What better way than wearing branded t-shirt during their DJ gigs?

He came into the shop, chose an in-stock t-shirt and we laid out the text for him. We created lightweight, custom vinyl transfers for the front and back and he was able to pick up both shirts later that afternoon.

By using single color designs in vinyl Thomaz was able to avoid the usual quantity minimums and setup fees associated with silk screened shirts…yet the results are just as durable and impressive.

REC Consultants 2

Embroidery, Hats

rechts.jpgBruce from REC contacted us again. Back in December we’d embroidered on jackets for his employees after digitizing his logo. Afterwards they decided that they wanted the logo on baseball caps as well.

There were no additional setup fees as we already had the artwork on file and ready to embroider. All we had to do was order the hats and stitch them out and they were ready in less than a week. We save all our customers artwork so re-orders are even faster and easier than the originals and can be done over the phone.

Byron….10th order?

Direct-To-Garment, Fleece, Outerwear, T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

byr2.jpgByron is an aspiring designer who we’ve been making samples for during the past few months. We’ve done so many different ones for him that we’ve lost count.

While handmade samples are a necessity when starting a clothing line, they tend to be expensive. But with DTG and custom vinyl transfers we make in house we’ve been able to help him keep costs at a reasonable level.

We wish you luck Byron and thanks for letting us be there at the start of something big!