Iggy Racing

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

306_iggy.jpgMore Direct to Garment printing for Iggy Racing. This time his logo on white and royal blue shirts from Gildan. Using the DTG means printing that’s long lasting as well as light and breathable.

Cuyahoga County Public Library

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

305_cuya.jpgIan contacted us about getting shirts for his department at the library, the issue was he didn’t have the artwork readily available.

No problem! We were able to trace his graphics and recreate them for printing using the Direct to Garment printer. We then printed them on an assortment of Hanes Beefy-T shirts in a variety of sizes from small to 3-xlarge in both short and long sleeved styles.

Dalton Electric

Fleece, Polo Shirts, Silk Screening, T-Shirts

303_dalton.jpgKevin contacted us with a request for their logo to be printed on a variety of t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets.

Based on the color and quantities we went with full silk screening. To help keep the costs in check we scaled the designs so with worked on all the garments then only one set of screens needed to be made.

The finished products looked great and now he and all his employees can be walking advertisements for their business.

Odds just want to have fun….

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

229_insec.jpgHey, we work hard so we can have a little fun too.

Got a funny idea you’d like to have on a shirt then give us a call.

In Your Face

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

225_inyface.jpgThe guys from In Your Face stopped in to have some t-shirt samples made. They were specifically looking for direct to garment printing because of their 6 color design. You see, the silk screening company they were using could only handle a maximum of 5 colors which limited their possibilities. That’s one of the points where the DTG printer shines.

With the DTG, you are not limited to number of colors or details in a design. Like a regular color printer, the DTG can mix colors in the millions. And because of the technology there are no per color charges like traditional silk screening. Plus it sprays a light layer of ink that it not only colorfast but is breathable and barely detectable to the touch.

The results were a highly detailed graphic in full color. The DTG does it again!


T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

kurtz.jpgMike had an idea for a funny t-shirt so we made it for him. It was so funny in fact that he started getting requests for them so we made him a batch for his friends. Where does it end? Maybe in a successful business.

Being a small business ourselves we love helping others get their start. And with custom cut vinyl transfers or DTG printing it’s easy to start small and then let it grow.


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

whit.jpgWhitney wanted a unique baby for her friends baby and brought in this onesie with an idea.

With the Direct to Garment Printer we are able to print on adult, youth or infant garments covering a wide variety of sizes. We laid out the text, added a little color and style, and it was ready the same day. And with the DTG’s water based ink the garment is safe for baby!

So what kind of personalized gift can we make for you?


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

212_jim.jpgJim had done some artwork years ago that he was particularly proud of so David though why not print it on a t-shirt for his birthday?

We scanned them in and reprinted them on t-shirts using the direct to garment printer. With the DTG a resolution of up to 600dpi is possible as well as color matching meaning the art can be reproduced with stunning results. And because there are no minimums doing one offs and small runs are no problem.

Want to turn your creations into wearable art for fun…or even profit!? Give us a call.

Cassidy and Megan

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

212_megan.jpgIt was Cassidy and Megan’s Valentine’s Birthday Party and they wanted cool t-shirts for party favors. When Megan’s Mom came in all she had was a photo of the girls and a theme so we did the rest.

We came up with a design that included their picture and a Valentine’s theme that didn’t look so girly that the boys at the party would wear the shirts, too. Then we printed them with the Direct to Garment printer on Hanes new Tagless T’s for high quality results at a reasonable price. The girls loved the tees and we’re sure they were a hit at the party!

So how can we help you celebrate your next party or special event? Give us a call and find out.


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

jordan.jpgJordan was looking to find a new way of printing shirts in smaller quantities for his business. This way they could be test marketed without investing in major inventory. Direct to Garment to the rescue!

This design came out particularly well, if we do say so ourselves, as the combination of the sharp and detailed graphics were maintained and the ink-splotched looking background looks like it was an expensive two step process when in reality it only took one pass with the DTG.

So how can we bring your art to life on a t-shirt or other garment? Give us a call and find out.