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IMG_2674.jpgIf there is one thing we like more than new customers it’s repeat customers. Why? Because if they’re coming back that means we are doing something right.

After seeing the first set of samples, Byron decided to add sweats to the clothing line he’s starting. This round we used vinyl transfer to embellish these and take them up a notch with black and red logos on the grays and silver and red logos on the black ones.

And they came out pretty nice if we do say so ourselves.

Bueghe Lifestyle

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IMG_2660.jpgByron stopped in the other day and told us he was interested in starting his own clothing line. All he had was a pencil drawing of a logo and a lot of big ideas. Well, being big idea people ourselves we were ready to help.

We started by creating his logo in electronic format* in a couple of different styles including solid and outline. Because he wanted a slimmer, more tailored cut to his clothes we pointed him to t-shirts and tank tops from American Apparel and he selected the sizes, style and colors that met with his vision.

Based on his needs, we used DTG on some of the items and multi-layered, two color vinyl transfers on the others with impressive results.

Another successful job. And best wishes on your new venture Byron!

*Creative design and artwork conversion may be subject to additional charges

Our Number One Customer

Embroidery, Fleece

ex_stella.jpgFunny story, our first customer came before we even opened our doors. We were in the shop on a Saturday installing some molding and the phone rang. It was the day before Father’s Day and Suzanne wanted to commerate the birth of the first child (and grandchild) by giving something special.

We worked with Suzanne to pick a design and a font. Before long she had customized gifts for Dad and Grandad helping make that a day they won’t soon forget.

They were thrilled and even sent a picture. Nice one!