Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

IMG_3572_2.jpgSylvia and her sisters were planning a trip to Las Vegas for a long weekend of fun. They decided to have matching shirts made to commemorate the occasion.

With some design direction, we came up with what you see here and printed it on American Apparel tank tops with the direct to garment printer. Each one was even personalized on the back, which couldn’t have been done as easily or cost effectively with traditional silk screening.

Brian again…

Embroidery, Other

IMG_3575_2.jpgAfter we embroidered his polo shirts, Brian had another idea. Embroidering the logo on his equipment bags.

That’s the cool thing about getting your logo digitized for embroidery, once it’s done we keep it on file and can embroider it over and over again on a variety of items including shirts, hats, bags, towels…virtually anything.



IMG_3577_2_1.jpgErin wanted to help impress a client and let them know that her company is dedicated to them and their business and with some simple embroidery we were able to make it happen.

She brought us a variety shirts and we did a simple embroidery using stock text which meant there were no setup fees. We had the shirts ready by the next day and in time for their meeting with the client.

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