Cuyahoga County Public Library

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

305_cuya.jpgIan contacted us about getting shirts for his department at the library, the issue was he didn’t have the artwork readily available.

No problem! We were able to trace his graphics and recreate them for printing using the Direct to Garment printer. We then printed them on an assortment of Hanes Beefy-T shirts in a variety of sizes from small to 3-xlarge in both short and long sleeved styles.

Parker Soccer

Embroidery, Outerwear

305_parker.jpgThe team wanted a special present for the coach and what’s better than a customized gift of personalized apparel to show your appreciation.

We chose a Harrington staff jacket and embroidered it using stock art work from our catalog of over 5,000 designs and fonts to help keep the costs down for the kids on the team.

So what can we personalize for you?