Embroidery, Polo Shirts

324_logger.jpgBrian came in with a load of different golf shirts he wanted his company logo on.

Embroidery gives a look of professionalism and value that is much greater than the actual cost. We digitized his logo and embroidered it in the colors he chose and they came out great.

He was impressed and was even approached at a conference by a friend who saw the shirt and said, “Hey, you’re a legitimate business now!”

Chocolate Rabbits…

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

323_eastfca.jpgJust having some fun at Easter with our rabbit shirts!


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

321_tech4.jpgDoug contacted us to find out more about direct to garment printing. He had designed a t-shirt logo for his development team but with fine details, color and effects it wouldn’t work well with traditional screening.

Once again it’s DTG to the rescue. With printing of up to 600dpi quality and virtually limitless colors the designs came out great. And unlike with silk screening we were able to scale the design to fit perfectly on various shirt sizes with out additional setup fees.

Prescription Dive Masks

Embroidery, Fleece, Hats, Polo Shirts

314_presc.jpgPrescription Dive Masks was going to a trade show and needed some logowear to further their company identity.

We had their logo digitized and then embroidered it on a variety of garments they chose including Columbia fleece jackets, Hanes Steadman polos and Anvil lowrise ball caps. And while there was a one time setup fee for the digitization we keep it on file and can embroider it over and over again on more shirts, outerwear, caps, bags, towels…you name it!

Tea Zen

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

312_tez.jpgHollice came in with an interesting job. She needed about a dozen shirts but each one needed to be a different color. No problem! But each one had to have a different design on them so silk screening (with setup fees for each individual design) just didn’t make sense. But we had a solution, custom vinyl transfers to the rescue!

With our vinyl cutter virtually any line art design can be made into a custom transfer. And because each one is cut individually there are no minimums per design.

Applied as you see here to American Apparel tees in a variety of sizes and colors, Hollace was throughly impressed and the staff looked great.

Ever thought about getting shirts printed but were put off by high setup fees and minimum orders? Give us a call and let’s discuss your options.

SDSU Field Stations

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

306_sdsu.jpgJP contacted us about shirts for an event his project at SDSU was attending.

They provided the art work, we scaled it and printed it on the front and back of Hanes Tagless T’s in the color natural.

The results looked great and the DTG helped save on the per color setup fees of traditional silk screening and were ready within days and not weeks.

Iggy Racing

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

306_iggy.jpgMore Direct to Garment printing for Iggy Racing. This time his logo on white and royal blue shirts from Gildan. Using the DTG means printing that’s long lasting as well as light and breathable.

Cuyahoga County Public Library

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

305_cuya.jpgIan contacted us about getting shirts for his department at the library, the issue was he didn’t have the artwork readily available.

No problem! We were able to trace his graphics and recreate them for printing using the Direct to Garment printer. We then printed them on an assortment of Hanes Beefy-T shirts in a variety of sizes from small to 3-xlarge in both short and long sleeved styles.

Parker Soccer

Embroidery, Outerwear

305_parker.jpgThe team wanted a special present for the coach and what’s better than a customized gift of personalized apparel to show your appreciation.

We chose a Harrington staff jacket and embroidered it using stock art work from our catalog of over 5,000 designs and fonts to help keep the costs down for the kids on the team.

So what can we personalize for you?

Dalton Electric

Fleece, Polo Shirts, Silk Screening, T-Shirts

303_dalton.jpgKevin contacted us with a request for their logo to be printed on a variety of t-shirts, polo shirts and jackets.

Based on the color and quantities we went with full silk screening. To help keep the costs in check we scaled the designs so with worked on all the garments then only one set of screens needed to be made.

The finished products looked great and now he and all his employees can be walking advertisements for their business.