Direct-To-Garment, Other

225_keith.jpgJust when we thought we knew all the uses for the direct to garment printer Keith came up with a new one. Chair covers!

We took an image of his dog Matilda and printed it in color on the muslin covers this way when they put them on the chairs it will look like the dogs are sitting at the table.

A neat idea brought to life by the DTG…

In Your Face

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

225_inyface.jpgThe guys from In Your Face stopped in to have some t-shirt samples made. They were specifically looking for direct to garment printing because of their 6 color design. You see, the silk screening company they were using could only handle a maximum of 5 colors which limited their possibilities. That’s one of the points where the DTG printer shines.

With the DTG, you are not limited to number of colors or details in a design. Like a regular color printer, the DTG can mix colors in the millions. And because of the technology there are no per color charges like traditional silk screening. Plus it sprays a light layer of ink that it not only colorfast but is breathable and barely detectable to the touch.

The results were a highly detailed graphic in full color. The DTG does it again!