Filthy Gorgeous Fitness

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

IMG_2969.jpgJack needed a gag gift for his friends at the gym and came up with this idea. We worked with him to get the designs just right then laid it out and printed it with the direct to garment printer on lightweight PE shirts from Alternative in a variety of sizes and colors. They were such a hit he’s already ordered more.

What are your ideas? Give us a call or stop in and let’s put it on a shirt!

*Note for custom graphic design additional charges may apply. Simulated images used in this design. Actual images can not be used with out express permission from the right holder.


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

audip.jpgThe beauty of the garment printer is that it can not only handle large jobs but it can handle small jobs as well, like this one for Brennan.

He wanted to try his design on just a few shirts, with traditional silk screening that would me high set up fees for this four color designs. Since Brennan provided his artwork to us in ready to print format there were no setup fees for the direct to garment printing. Plus no setup time and less waste which is better for the environment.

So what do you want printed on a shirt? Stop in or give us a call and let’s talk T’s.


Embroidery, Fleece

ablw.jpgFor the second year in a row little Alison is playing “Betty-Lou-Who” at a local playhouse and her Mom wanted a way to commemorate it.

What better way than with an embroidered sweatjacket she can wear proudly. Alison picked the font and thread color herself and we stitched it out. It’s now a special keepsake and one she soon won’t forget.

Give us a call to find out how easy and affordable custom embroidered gifts can be.

Le Petit Poilu 2

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

leve.jpgThis has definitely been the month for repeat customers. After making a small run of sample shirts for Levente, he returned for over 200 additional shirts with more designs and more colors for his wife’s artwork. More sizes too including children’s as small at 4.

They came out great, just like before and I expect as her business grows he’ll be back for even more. Hurray!

Byron again and again and again…

T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

byrn.jpgThey say repeat and threepeat…what do you call a customer who’s placed 8 different orders with us? An eightpeat??

Byron came in again with some more new ideas. We took one of his custom logos, stripped it down to a more simple graphic* and created a vinyl transfer. Though it looks gray on gray in the photo, it’s actually black on black giving it a tone on tone textured look. It came out great and we look forward to a…ninepeat??

*For custom graphic design and editing additional charges my apply.

Hewlett-Packard #2

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

hp2.jpgThe best part about satisfied customers is when they come back for more.

If you remember the last order from HP it was 450 shirts in less than a week. This round we had more time for the job…but also more shirts…1000 t-shirts to be exact. Our largest order yet but we we’re up to the job and so was our DTG printer.

The speedy solution to shirt printing made their detailed graphics look great. And with it’s lightweight at breathable nature, the DTG printing is much more comfortable than traditional silk screened garments.

And did we mention it was fast? I guess we did.

Canton Chiefs

Direct-To-Garment, Embroidery, Fleece, Hats, T-Shirts, Vinyl Transfers

canchf.jpgWhen Laura made the high school basketball team we were excited. But the team has no fan gear. No problem when you have an Uncle in the business!

We made a combination of sweatshirts, t-shirt and hats to using all three of our technologies — vinyl transfers, direct to garment printing and embroidery. They came out great and made for great gifts!

To make your team look like a team or fans look like fans give us a call and lets talk teamwear!

Fido & Co.

Embroidery, Polo Shirts

fidco.jpgLisa & Co. are opening Fido & Co., a canine country club and spa in the next few months. As a promotional event they had a table at a local street fair and needed shirts with their logos. Lisa provided the logo in digital format which we digitized* and embroidered in custom colors that she chose on long sleeve polos for the staff. They came out great and everyone was impressed with their professional appearance.

And now that their logo has been digitized it’s on file here at Odd Designs and can be used again not only for shirts but for any other items as well like caps, uniforms, bags, blankets, towels…you name it.

*Customer digitization for embroidery is done with a one time fee dependent on the size (number of stitches) in the design.