San Diego AIDS Walk 2007

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

bwt.jpgBrian and a team of his buddies contacted us about getting shirts to wear for the San Diego AIDS Walk. The group was called “Bears Walk Too” and after a bit of brainstorming and finding a royalty-free image that they liked we came up with this design. We printed them up with the DTG printer and off and walking they went.

Thanks for the picture guys! Looking good!

Click here for more information about the event or to make a donation.


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

audc.jpgAudrey’s family is planning a reunion so she designed her own family crest and emailed it over. We prepped it for printing and then put it on a variety of adult and children’s t-shirts with the DTG printer.

They came out great and Audry was quite pleased. We say anyone who has sausage and a Ford Galaxie 500 in their family crest is OK by us!

So when is your next reunion or party or whatever? Give us a call and let’s make some shirts to commemorate it.

Walker Family Towing & Recovery

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

wafmtr.jpgJason stopped in to get some t-shirts for his family’s towing business. He came in with a print out of a copywritten image that unfortunately we couldn’t print without the rights to do it.

Instead we found a stock, royalty free image* to use. We changed the colors to suit his liking, laid out the text and PRESTO! t-shirts for the business that not only serve as identification to the customers but also as walking advertisements. Jason liked them so much that he ordered a batch of long-sleeve t’s and hats to go along with them.

*NOTE: A charge is incurred when royalty-free images are purchased.

Ikea San Diego 2

Embroidery, Polo Shirts

ttik.jpgBack when we made the t-shirts for IKEA’s special sale event we talked to them about other need. Turns out they have a team of golfers there who play at several charity events every year and they were in need of…what else? Golf shirts.

We worked with them on style, colors and sizes. We even arranged to get youth sizes for a better fit on some of the very petite employees and embroidered them all with the IKEA logo on front and back with great results.

Another emboridery job well done!

Jody’s Back!

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

jod2.jpgJody was in a few weeks ago and we designed shirts for she and the gang to wear to the Chargers/Bears game. They loved them but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) they don’t play the Bears every week so this time we modified the design* to a more generic message in support of the home team.

They ordered t-shirts and tanks in a variety of colors and sizes and we were happy to oblige. We got them done and delivered to them in time for the next game.

*Note: Additional charges for custom artwork. A stylized simulation of the logos were created in-house. No trademarked logos were used in this printing. Trademarked logos can not be printed or recreated without express written permission from the rights holder.

Byron Again and Again…

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

byr3.jpgWell, we must be doing something right. Byron is back with what must be his 7th or 8th order…we’ve lost count.

This time he brought in a detailed pencil drawing that he’d done with a new shirt design for his clothing line. We had it converted to vector drawing* so it can be scaled for a variety of different uses including the t-shirt you see here. I think it was the best design yet and a testament to how even the most intricate of designs print with impresive results on our direct to garment printer.

Byron was impressed too so we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of him…

*Creative design and digitization my be subject to additional charges

Skater Andy

Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

askte.jpgSallee came in to the shop with a pencil drawing she’d scribbled on a note pad. It was a design for her son Andy who loves to skateboard and she wanted to have it printed on a t-shirt for him.

We took the drawing and created it in a vector format that can be scaled and printed on virtually anything. Then we printed it on the front and back of a t-shirt just the way she wanted it. We now have the artwork on file so we can reprint the shirt or something else with the same logo quickly and easily.

*Note: With custom artwork created in-house additional charges may apply.


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

hewp.jpgBlaithan from HP called us about getting shirts for a special event they were having. She needed all 450 of them in less than a week!

No problem! Speed is the DTG printer’s middle name. We were able to get the job done and delivered in time for the event with a quality level that exceded expectations.

* Note: Rush jobs (when possible) may incur additional charges.

Kylie’s Grandmother

Embroidery, Other

kylgm.jpgPam stopped in with this neat thing. It was a towel who someone had made into a hooded towel for her granddaughter. While it was a really nice custom made piece, she wanted to customize it further by having Kylie’s name embroidered on it.

We chose a font and a color and BAM! A special gift for her special little girl.

Need something monogrammed? Give us a call or stop by.


Direct-To-Garment, T-Shirts

jmcc.jpgJill stopped in with a picture of her Mom. She was walking in the 16th Annual San Diego Heart Walk and wanted to memorialize her Mom rather than wearing the same shirt that was given out to the over 10,000 people who would participate that day and we were glad to help.

We brainstormed with Jill and came up with the shirt you see in the pictures. We though it came out beautifully and Jill thought so, too. It brought us all to tears and reminded us how important and fragile life can be.

For more information or to donate to the American Heart Association go to